Sociedad anonima sociedad limitada

Sociedad anonima sociedad limitada

Srl meaning

Many people get confused about the differences between Sociedad Anónima and Sociedad Limitada, especially when starting a business or creating a company. And it is normal to have doubts, since both legal forms share some similarities and are quite well known in the business world.
It is characterized by the fact that it divides the capital of the commercial company into shares, with which the partners are only responsible for their proportional part. Thus, companies that accumulate large amounts of capital benefit from a lower financial risk and the contribution of many shareholders.
Another important aspect is that it has a personal organizational structure. That is to say, a corporation can act as a legal person and, therefore, be the holder of assets and rights or commit and contract as any natural person. However, it will need an administrator or an administrative body to represent it.
These two mercantile companies, although they share practically the same obligations in relation to the General Accounting Plan (both are taxed by the Corporate Tax), they do present important differences.


Ambas sociedades requieren una aportación de capital inicial para su constitución que, en el caso de la Sociedad Limitada es de sólo 3.000 euros, y en el caso de la Sociedad Anónima es de 60.000 euros. En la SL el capital inicial puede ser suscrito y desembolsado en su totalidad en el momento de su constitución, pudiendo ser en metálico, bienes o derechos, mientras que en la SA sólo es necesario suscribir y desembolsar el 25% del capital.
La enajenación de acciones de una Sociedad Anónima está restringida y debe realizarse de acuerdo con los estatutos de la sociedad o, además, de acuerdo con la ley, si los estatutos no regulan el régimen de transmisión de las acciones. Se debe comunicar la intención de venderlas, el número de acciones que se van a vender y su precio; los demás socios tendrán un derecho de adquisición preferente. Además, esta transmisión debe hacerse en documento público. Por otro lado, la transmisión de acciones en una Sociedad Anónima
Una SL puede realizar prácticamente cualquier tipo de actividad, excepto las reservadas por la ley a las sociedades anónimas, como servicios bancarios, gestión de fondos de pensiones, seguros, etc. Las empresas que deseen cotizar en bolsa deben tener el estatus de SA. Las Sociedades Limitadas están pensadas para pequeñas y medianas empresas con pocas

Capital company law

A joint stock company (S.A.) is a legal form used by large companies. Its creation requires a minimum capital of 60,101.21 euros. And as a fundamental difference with the limited liability company, it must be paid up at least 25% and not fully paid up as in an S.L. The company’s capital is represented in the form of shares, which can generally be easily transferred. A corporation also requires more administrative formalities than a sole proprietorship.
Below we will analyze some basic aspects of each of these legal forms that will allow us to evaluate which of them is best suited to the cultural project to be launched:
The corporate purpose is the description of the activity to be carried out by the company. It does not necessarily have to be a single object, but several can be defined, regardless of the fact that at the beginning not all the activities that constitute them are developed. In this way it is avoided to carry out in a future possible modifications in the social statutes.


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