Sentencia de la manada resumen

Antonio manuel guerrero

It is not usual for the Supreme Court to announce the ruling or operative part of a decision prior to the drafting of the legal-factual body of the decision. However, the circumstances of social alarm surrounding this proceeding have led the Second Chamber to proceed in this way, announcing the first decision that any collegiate jurisdictional body must take in the deliberation and voting of a judicial decision, which is the meaning of the ruling.
The Chamber upheld the appeals, considering that the wording of the proven facts in the lower court ruling (maintained in the TSJN, with the exception of the two dissenting opinions formulated in that court) must necessarily lead to the application not of the crime of sexual abuse, but of sexual assault. The factual account of the sentence determines an intimidating scenario, in which the victim does not consent to the performance of the acts of a sexual nature that occurred. This intimidating situation, in conjunction with the location of the place where the crime was committed, the presence and the actions of the perpetrators, left her with no other alternative but to submit to the convicted persons. It is a sort of coercive «collaboration».

La manada rape caselegal case

Much has been said during this week and last week about the case of Manresa, but few people do it with the sentence in hand. Probably because it has been difficult to find it in its entirety.
Among those people were: Bryan, Maikel, Marco, Daniel, Yordan, Iván, and the minors: V (victim) and the witnesses B, C, D and E. Around midnight V, B and C left the factory to go meet V’s aunt, returning to the drinking party around dawn.
Then, Bryan left V in that booth and went to the other one, where the rest were and addressing the men he told them that now they could go, and so they did, one after the other, Daniel, Yordan, Walter and Maikel, who went to the booth where V was and, to satisfy their libidinous desires, introduced their penises in the girl’s vagina.
While this was happening in the booth where V was, Marco Antonio was in the other booth and at one point had in his hands what looked like a gun. Later, and when most of those gathered had already left, Bryan and Maikel, at the same time, grabbed V, freed their respective penises from the pants and put them in the girl’s face for her to masturbate, the men managing to satisfy their libidinous desires with fellatios of V.

José ángel prenda

El caso de la violación de La Manada comenzó con la violación en grupo de una mujer de 18 años el 7 de julio de 2016 durante las fiestas de San Fermín en Pamplona, Navarra, España. El caso suscitó un intenso escrutinio público al poner en duda la definición de violación en la legislación española. Cinco hombres, entre ellos un miembro de la Guardia Civil y otro del Ejército de Tierra de Sevilla, se grabaron atacando repetidamente a la mujer en el vestíbulo de un edificio de apartamentos[1] La Manada significa «La jauría» en español.
Tras su detención y juicio, los hombres fueron absueltos de los cargos de agresión sexual y, en cambio, declarados culpables de abuso sexual porque la fiscalía no pudo demostrar que emplearan la violencia para someter a la víctima. Miles de personas salieron a la calle en Pamplona y en España para manifestar su rechazo a la sentencia[1] La investigación de la agresión descubrió unas imágenes compartidas en las redes sociales grabadas por los agresores en Pozoblanco (Andalucía) en las que se veía a una mujer que no reaccionaba y que estaba tumbada en su furgoneta sometida a manoseos y burlas, lo que dio lugar a otra demanda[2].

Sentence la manada

The debate that seems to have existed between the three judges in the case, and which was highlighted as one of the causes that could have delayed the ruling, has also been noted in the sentence.  One of the three magistrates who make up the second section of the Court of Navarra, Ricardo Gonzalez, has issued a private vote to the ruling by which he has asked for the acquittal of the five defendants and has proposed to sentence one of them for a crime of theft (theft of the cell phone of the young complainant) to a fine of two months with a daily fee of 15 euros.  This magistrate has also requested the release of the five defendants, who are currently in prison.
As soon as the ruling was known, several hundred people gathered from early morning at the doors of the Court of Navarra, many of them displaying red hands -a symbol against sexist aggressions-, have expressed their disagreement with the sentence and have shouted slogans such as «this justice is shit», «it is not abuse, it is rape» or «if they touch one, they touch us all».

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