Santander knowledge formacion empleados

Santander knowledge formacion empleados

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While your grandparents were able to carry out their responsibilities competently with the knowledge acquired during their studies or professional experience, today it is unthinkable not to promote continuous learning throughout the entire working life.  So much so that, as a result of this new trend, more than two thirds of workers worldwide are willing to retrain professionally. Therefore, if you want to grow professionally and keep your job, it is essential to invest in continuous learning, also known as lifelong learning, to readjust your value proposition to the new needs of the market.

There are many ways to stay competitive in the labor market. On the one hand, this is possible through an upskilling plan, i.e. improving your skills and competencies in other areas of your sector, so that you can undertake your functions with greater solvency and adapt to changes in your area of activity. On the other hand, there are reskilling programs, focused on acquiring new hard skills and soft skills with which you can reinvent your working future in other industries.

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Employee experience: promoting team commitment and motivation through initiatives that encourage listening, a new, more flexible way of working that favors work-life balance, as well as a healthy environment within the framework of Be Healthy.

55% are women, with 33% of women on the Board of Directors and 21% in senior management, above the European average and that of large listed companies in the European Union, and above the standards set by the Code of Good Governance for 2020.

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To adapt to this new context, the induction program for new employees in the branch network has migrated to this online format, where Skype has become the key training tool, as it allows trainers to keep the attention of attendees, answering their questions and interacting with them in real time.

More and more training courses are being offered completely virtually, as is the case with training in subjects such as Design Thinking and Storytelling. Even a project as important as the newly appointed management development program, Leader Quest, has its own online version, because the change in reality has not affected our belief in the importance of this program for the development of our future managers. In fact, a few weeks after the pandemic began, the team behind this program embarked on a major pilot project in which the branch functions as a multi-channel communication hub in collaboration with other professionals in the bank.

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Madrid, Sep 27 (EFE) – Banco Santander has selected 280 employees from 14 countries for the first edition of the «Young Leaders» executive development program, with which the bank aims to tap into the knowledge of its youngest staff around the world.

A key aspect of the 18-month program will be local and global forums, during which participants will share their views on local and global strategic challenges and opportunities.

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