Marta flor abogada de podemos

Calvente wants the resignation of pablo iglesias.

The first in the 17-page burofax that he sent on October 29, 2019 to Alberto Rodríguez, deputy of Podemos, his superior in those times when Calvente was still the Data Protection delegate and defense lawyer of the purple political formation.
The third time was during the interrogation to which he was subjected by the magistrate of the Central Court of Instruction 6 of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, last September 10, in which he said that he also spoke of the “intimate relationship” of the lawyer Marta Flor and the prosecutor Ignacio Stampa, who in an internal “chat” of Podemos was nicknamed “Iron Man”, man of iron.
Screenshot of the conversation held on May 28, 2018, José Luis Calvente, Marta Flor’s boss, in the legal advice of Podemos, in which the lawyer wanted to explain her relationship with her friend, the anti-corruption prosecutor Ignacio Stampa, “Iron Man”.
Calvente was disciplinarily dismissed in December 2019, after opening a file for sexual and labor harassment to Marta Flor, which the lawyer later translated into a complaint in court.

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So, little by little, Marta Flor began to make a niche for herself under the umbrella of José Manuel Calavante and both began to work on some of the most mediatic cases of Podemos. The most resounding one refers to when Pablo Echenique, current Podemos spokesman in Congress, was from March 2015 to April 2016 with an assistant who had no contract and was not registered with the Social Security. Echenique was sanctioned for this.
Before it jumped to the media, Calvente sent a burofax in October 2019 to the already secretary of organization, Alberto Rodríguez. In it, he denied the accusations of sexual harassment and pointed to two issues that have resurfaced today. The first of these is that Calvente assured that Marta Flor was tried to be removed from the case against Villarejo for maintaining a personal relationship with an anti-corruption prosecutor, the Iron Man. In addition, he assured that Marta Flor had also shown private flirtations between her and Alberto Rodriguez himself.

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This was stated by Calvente in a burofax sent in October 2019 to Rodríguez, in which he also warned that the alleged “relationship” of the lawyer with one of the prosecutors assigned to the Tándem case, Ignacio Stampa, could jeopardize the party’s strategy as a popular accusation in the macro case that instructs the National Court against the commissioner in custody José Manuel Villarejo.
Among the reproaches that José Manuel Calvente made to the lawyer is also the fact that she put her “intimate relations with the prosecutor of an important anti-corruption matter before her work as a lawyer” in the Villarejo case, so she has put “at risk” the procedural strategy of the party in a procedure in which it exercises the popular accusation, he considered.

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The Provincial Court of Madrid has confirmed the dismissal of the complaint for sexual and labor harassment filed by the lawyer of Podemos Marta Flor against the former lawyer of the party José Manuel Calvente, who has considered that this way it is accredited that the complaint was part of the “process of harassment” of which she claims to have been a victim for denouncing alleged crimes in the political party.
The Court of Madrid has considered that, taking into account the account of the facts contained in the complaint, the statement of Calvente and the conversations held between the two by WhatsApp, Telegram or emails and other documents that are in the case, “the provisional dismissal agreed by the judge ‘a quo’ must be shared, as the commission of any of the crimes charged has not been indiciously accredited”, according to the extracts of the order highlighted by the former lawyer of Podemos.
The Provincial Court has pointed out that “the contact of both through Telegram and WhatsApp messages that appears in the case file was bidirectional, being a relationship of friendship and, as the investigating judge refers, of consensual trust, with the plaintiff telling the defendant some personal aspects and showing an attitude towards him of gratitude for the personal help he gave her”.