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ANNEX I (Resolution of July 1, 2014 of the General Directorate of Scholarships and Educational Aid) LIST OF CENTERS WITH ORDINARY SUPPORT MEASURES AUTHORIZED DURING THE 2013-2014 COURSE, AND NUMBER OF THAT

ANNEX I (Resolution of July 1, 2014 of the General Directorate of Scholarships and Educational Aids) RELATION OF CENTERS AND WEEKLY HOURS AUTHORIZED TO CONTINUE DIVERSIFICATION PROGRAMS.

RESOLUTION of the Directorate General of Educational Centers, regarding the financing of the personal resources necessary to implement the Curricular programs in Compulsory Secondary Education in the following areas


COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITY CENTERS BEDA MADRID* COURSE 2012-13 * Including schools in Alicante, Andalusia and Canary Islands incorporated into the Program at the request of their Religious Institutions. COMMUNITY


The Head of the Madrid-Capital Territorial Area directs and coordinates, in collaboration with the other Area Heads, the actions of the Administrative Services assigned to this Area Directorate. He/she also maintains external relations with the representatives of Centers or organizations involved in the educational activity and performs institutional representation functions by delegation of the Area Director.

Head of the General Secretariat Division of the Directorate of the Territorial Area of Madrid-Capital directs, supervises, coordinates and exercises the senior management of the administrative services assigned to this Area, under the direction of the Director of the Territorial Area and in coordination with the Heads of the Territorial Area and of Administrative Actions, respectively.

District 1: Chamberí, Fuencarral-El Pardo and Tetuán District 2: Barajas and Hortaleza District 3: Ciudad Lineal, San Blas and Vicálvaro District 4: Arganzuela, Centro and Moncloa – Aravaca District 5: Chamartín, Retiro and Salamanca District 6: Usera and Villaverde District 7: Moratalaz, Puente de Vallecas and Villa de VallecasDistrict 8: Carabanchel and Latina

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Absences for which a sick leave report is issued for temporary disability, whatever the cause and the duration of the disability (even when it is less than 4 days), shall be justified by means of the sick leave report for temporary disability.

Social Security. The sick leave and confirmation reports must be submitted within 3 days from the date of issue. The discharge report shall be submitted within 24 hours of its issuance.

MUFACE. The sick leave reports shall be submitted no later than the fourth working day from the date of the beginning of the TD situation. Confirmation reports shall be submitted no later than three working days from the date of the medical examination. The discharge report shall be submitted within 24 hours of its issuance.

The delivery of the sick leave and discharge reports shall be made telematically, through the electronic registry of the Community of Madrid, to the Territorial Area Directorate in which they render services, for which they must have the corresponding electronic certificate.

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After getting data discussed in post Madrid service commissions and opacity, I raise separately a post for each type an attempt to get data associated with free competition, equality, merit, ability, publicity and transparency.

I request copy or link to the documents of proposal and granting of service commissions in programs in centers for career civil servant staff of the center management in the courses 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, for the following centers:

First.- The link to the publication of the commissions of service in programs in centers, in the courses and teaching centers identified in the application is not provided, since such information is not published. Articles 6 to 8 of the LTIBG regulate the content of active publicity, detailed in three large blocks: institutional, organizational and planning information, information of legal relevance and economic, budgetary and statistical information. In the specific scope of the Community of Madrid, this provision has been specified in Article 14.1 of Law 10/2019, of April 10, on Transparency and Participation of the Community of Madrid, which states:

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