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Before entering into crisis, companies and professional debtors go through all kinds of difficulties that define a stage prior to insolvency, which we can call pre-insolvency or pre-insolvency, and which is the stage where the company is in a pre-crisis situation.
Special study of Article 213 of the Corporations Law. Although it occupies a «nuclear» position in the dogmatics of company law, the application of results has not been fully recognized.
Law 19/2003 grants legal status in our legal system to a new financial hybrid: the so-called «preferred shares». Concerned only, or preferably, with «regularizing» the phenomenon of the delocalization of the previous issues made by our financial institutions and our listed companies through subsidiaries in tax havens, the legislator tackles a very controversial typification of the instrument, which gives rise to many doubts as to its interpretation. This study, the first monograph on the subject, deals with the multidisciplinary legal examination of a «financial instrument» that is not: it is not a share; it is not a bond; it is not a participating share…. It does not even appear to be a «transferable security». And yet, its importance is fundamental for the understanding of how, in practice, our large groups of companies are financed without the need to compromise the governance of the parent company and without the need to resort to other still rigid financing formulas such as non-voting shares or redeemable shares. The problems of company law raised by this supplementary form of share capital are examined in detail in this book, which may be of interest to scholars of company law, the stock market, and practitioners and theoreticians of tax law and international company law.

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In 1998 he completed the Doctorate courses in Commercial Law at the University of Barcelona; in 1999 he obtained the title of Doctor in Law from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona after preparing and reading his doctoral thesis on the study of «Capital reserves and technical accounting reserves in the S.A. and S.R.L.».
From 1999 to June 2009, associate professor at ESADE, Faculty of Law, Ramón Llull University of Barcelona, teaching the subject «Introduction to Business Law». And later, during the academic year 2014/15/16/17, he was again Associate Professor of the Department of Private Law, ESADE, teaching Commercial Law.
From September 1999 to 2009 he was Associate Professor of Commercial Law at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, teaching Family Law (academic years 2018-19-20). Currently, during the academic year 2021-21 at UPF, he teaches Advanced Corporate Law.
From 1999 to June 2009, Associate Professor at ESADE, Faculty of Law, Ramón Llull University of Barcelona, teaching the subject «Introduction to Business Law»; academic year 2007-2008 he was Professor of Maritime Law at ESADE, and taught the subject of Maritime Law; academic year 2014/2017 Associate Professor of the Department of Private Law, ESADE teaching Commercial Law.

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22 October 2015 – ← José Cabrera Orellana Legislature: desena legislature of the Assembly of Madrid Deputy to the Assembly of Madrid 29 June 2011 – 31 March 2015 ← Regino García-Badell Arias Legislature: ninth legislature of the Assembly of Madrid Deputy to the Assembly of Madrid.
Candidate again in the PP list (this time in the 56th place) for the 2015 regional elections,[7] he was not elected deputy either; he entered the chamber on October 22, 2015, replacing José Cabrera Orellana.[8]

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