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The singer could only get emotional when talking about her mother: «The best mother I ever had. The heart she had, I have never seen it again in anyone». Her help was fundamental during her childhood, but also contributed to give her a personality of her own and helped her self-esteem. «I grew up gorgeous and carried myself as if I were Claudia Schiffer and then everyone laughed in the street.»
Now, the singer has embarked on this new adventure in ‘La casa fuerte’ where she shares reality with well-known TV faces such as Maite Galdeano, Cristian Suescun, Jaime Ferre, Cristina Gilabert, Fani, Christofer and, José Labrador, among others. A new format where the contestants are undergoing various tests to get money and keep it in the safe in their room.

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Leticia Sabater is enjoying one of the best moments of her life. The multifaceted artist has just celebrated the sale of her house in Madrid and the subsequent purchase of a new residence in Marbella, where she plans to move soon. On a sentimental level, she is «entertained» with a new love and on the work front, Leticia has announced a new and ambitious project: her own documentary series, in the purest Rocío Carasco style.
Whatever happens, the artist wanted to make it clear that she does not intend to take advantage of the wake of Rocío Carrasco to present this documentary series. Leticia wanted to make it clear that they are «two very different profiles», and the aim of her documentary is for people to recognize her career and not fame or fortune, which she has already achieved, more than enough: «For me, money is not everything, let’s be clear», she concludes.

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interview with josé maría fernández, author of «acuña, the bishop

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