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El programa está basado en el dating show italiano Uomini & Donne, y está enfocado a personas solteras. Los «tronistas» (de la palabra española/italiana «trono», porque el protagonista está sentado en un trono imaginario) son 4, normalmente 2 hombres y 2 mujeres. Son los protagonistas, cuyo objetivo es encontrar a su alma gemela entre algunos admiradores. Cada día el «tronista» puede conocer a nuevas personas, y tras una breve presentación de las mismas, puede decidir si sigue saliendo con ellas o no.
Además, el tronista decidirá con qué candidatos quiere salir fuera del estudio de televisión; durante la cita tiene la posibilidad de conocer mejor a los candidatos. Sin embargo, hay una regla fundamental que tanto los tronistas como los candidatos deben respetar: sólo pueden verse delante de las cámaras, nunca en privado. Si no se respeta esta regla, pueden ser expulsados del programa.
Cuando el tronista elige a su alma gemela, sólo hay unos cuantos candidatos esperando su decisión. También puede dejar el programa solo, si no elige a nadie. En consecuencia, otro hombre/mujer le sustituye en el trono[9].

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However, today Tuesday, and after a very tearful broadcast, Álex had it clear. On this occasion, after fifteen female suitors and months waiting for love, the trista decided for Carmen, to whom he asked for a second chance but she rejected him. Finally, Alex left alone and Carmen accepted the challenge of sitting on the throne again.
After a heartfelt embrace, Carmen made it clear that she needed some time, time to not see him, to clarify her ideas and to know how she felt about him. «I can’t now,» she insisted. Despite the rejection, Alex assured that he would grant her that time and that he would wait for her outside. «I’m willing to wait,» he confirmed with tears in his eyes. And concluded with: «In the street there will be an end».
With the departure of Alex from the throne of MYHYV, the gap is empty and the dispute was between Zoe and Carmen. Zoe rejected the envelope and Carmen finally accepted the challenge of returning to be tronista of Cuatro’s program. She even had the support of Álex who told her: «Accept it, you deserve it». And so it has been. Now, Mujeres y hombres y viceversa has a new couple of tronistas: Carmen and Josué.

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Marina, beautiful, in the poll Did you like Marina? I voted YES, but not for Jose Luis, he doesn’t deserve her. I think Jose Luis wants to be on top of him all the time and I think he is quite jealous, and so it has been demonstrated, they went out together but it has not lasted long.Arriba Marina, I hope you are the next tronista, to see if it is true, and if not, you have a lot of time to be sometime.
Hi Miguel, Mamen has not done well in her thrones, until the end it was horrible, and the things that are coming out after the final, it is even worse, it seems that Mamen was dating Abel during her throne. It is very difficult for another tronista to do worse, although it can happen, but Mamen’s throne will remain one of the worst.
Santana chooses Yanira, but Odalis says that Santana has broken the rules, that she was out with Yanira. We will see if it is true or not, what I have seen is that in the final, Yanira was very sure, she was very happy before choosing her, if you are a finalist and do not know what is going to happen, it is normal that you are very nervous, as it happened to Belen, while Yanira was very sure, I do not know, I hope it is not true what Odalis, but the impression that Yanira has given me and then Odalis’s comments I have doubts.

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The Idea publishing house in Tenerife came up with the idea of compiling the most outstanding articles from the blog and making a book. The blog is about human relationships, about parents and children, but above all about couple conflicts. The book may seem at first feminist, but it has nuances. There is always a critical point when it comes to addressing the problems of couple relationships. I also refer to homosexuals and I focus on the current times in which there is a lot of uncertainty. One knows how a relationship starts, but never how it ends. There are continuous unexpected breakups.
Yes, women worry a lot about not understanding men and vice versa. In the end, we are the same in that. We don’t understand each other. They both come into the blog to try to understand something else. Also, women right now, it’s not that we behave like them, but we’re playing a lot of misdirection. Men are kind of lost on us. Women are just as strong in the realm of feelings as they are.

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