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21 october ruling ts floor clause agreements

It is enough to look at the mortgage loan deed. To locate it, the logical thing to do is to look first at the section on financial clauses and, if it does not appear, on those pages where the rates applied are mentioned.
The financial entity will provide the figure with the interest broken down. The affected one has fifteen days to analyze the economic offer. If it does not convince him/her, he/she can reject it and initiate legal action. It is advisable to make a prior estimate of this amount using any of the calculators that exist on the Internet.
The sentence in costs implies to pay the cost of defense of the winner of the trial. These costs will only be borne by the bank if the money the consumer ends up getting is higher than the amount offered by the bank. If the affected party takes the bank directly to trial, skipping the negotiation channel, and the bank agrees to compensate the affected party (settles, in the jargon) before the hearing is held, the entity is exempted and each party pays its own. The costs can amount to 2,500- 3,000 euros, although they vary depending on the autonomous community and the type of court.

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Setback to banking: exemption from payment of costs for banks for floor clauses is unconstitutional The Constitutional Court has declared partially unconstitutional the royal decree law on urgent measures for the protection of consumers of floor clauses approved in January 2017. It considers unconstitutional the exoneration of the payment of legal costs to banks that, once the judicial process was initiated, accepted the conditions of the mortgaged to recover the undue amounts for the famous floor clauses. In other words, in the end, the bank avoided paying the lawyer and solicitor of the affected mortgagor. 30/09/2021 A news item from: Hipotecas
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) opens the door for those affected by the floor clauses to recover the money paid in excess for this abusive clause if they signed an agreement to reduce or eliminate it without receiving any amount of the overcharged amounts and with the condition of renouncing to claim later by judicial means. In this way, Europe allows those affected to recover what was overpaid if the financial entity did not explain to the clients the consequences of signing this type of novations or agreements. 09/07/2020 A news item from: Hipotecas

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The lawyer, whose conclusions are not binding for the CJEU, considers that the national rules “must not be applied in a way that undermines” the right of consumers “not to be bound by an unfair term”.
Banco Ceiss filed an appeal against this judgment before the Provincial Court of Valladolid, in relation to the payment of legal costs. At the same time, in December 2016, the CJEU issued a judgment establishing that the amounts unduly paid for ‘floor clauses’ are from the date on which the clause was declared null and void, and not only from May 2013.
In January 2017, the Provincial Court upheld Ceiss’s appeal and revoked the sentence that condemned the entity to pay the costs. However, it did not make any mention of the CJEU judgment nor did it modify the ruling of the first instance judgment on the restitutory effects of the nullity of the abusive ‘floor clause’, as it was not the object of the appeal.

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La Cláusula suelo es un tipo de interés mínimo que las entidades financieras aplicaban a muchas hipotecas para aislarse de posibles bajadas del Euribor que se incluía en las hipotecas contratadas en España.
En España, las hipotecas están referenciadas al Euribor más un porcentaje pero debido a que el Euribor ha estado muy bajo en los últimos años, los bancos incluyeron una Cláusula Suelo fijando un tipo mínimo independiente del Euribor. Por lo tanto, si tu Euribor más porcentaje era un 1,5% y tenías una Cláusula Suelo del 3% has estado pagando durante varios años más de lo que debías.