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Affected floor clause in vigo 31-10-2013

If you are a private client (excluding companies) and you have a mortgage on a house, fulfilling certain requirements, in a few months you will have your money back, either with a judicial sentence or with an amicable agreement.
Our Supreme Court has declared on several occasions that floor clauses are abusive due to lack of transparency, although it leaves it up to each judge to assess the lack of transparency in the marketing of each loan on a case-by-case basis. That is why not all floor clauses are won and a previous viability analysis by a specialist is essential.
Our high specialization in banking law offers a method that achieves for our clients the recalculation of the entire loan, recalculating all monthly payments with full retroactivity. We also review the interest on late payment of your loan in order to cancel it if the amount is abusively high.
The Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court has sentenced Banco Santander to return to a German citizen the 250,000 euros invested plus interest for the contracting of a product related to the ‘Madoff case’.

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Autor: Redacción 07 March 2016, 9:48 Popular has suddenly removed the floor clauses to which more than 100,000 customers were tied exclusively from the parent company. Mortgages coming from absorbed entities, such as Banco Pastor, or coming from a sobrogación are not benefiting from this measure.
It should be remembered that the floor clauses are a conditioning factor that prevents the mortgagor from benefiting from the fall in the Euribor (this indicator in its 12-month term is negative) and, therefore, from a reduction in the mortgage payment.
On the other hand, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Polish Maciej Szpunar, has shown himself in favor in a preliminary opinion of estimating and judging separately the claims derived from these abusive conditions: on the one hand, the collective ones and on the other hand, the particular ones.
In the meantime, and while awaiting the European verdict, experts in the legal world warn customers that some banks are taking advantage of the financial difficulties of individuals to withdraw the floor clauses with agreements that favor the entities and not those affected.

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En virtud de lo dispuesto en el Real Decreto-Ley 1/2017 de medidas urgentes de protección de consumidores en materia de cláusulas suelo, el Banco Santander ha creado la Unidad de Reclamaciones de Cláusulas Suelo para atender las reclamaciones que los consumidores puedan realizar en el ámbito de aplicación de dicho Real Decreto-Ley.
Una vez recibida en la Unidad de Reclamaciones, se estudiará y se decidirá sobre su legitimidad o inadmisibilidad.Si no es legítima, se informará al reclamante de los motivos de la denegación, poniendo fin al procedimiento.
En su caso, se informará al reclamante, indicando el importe de la devolución, desglosado e indicando el importe correspondiente a los intereses. El reclamante deberá comunicar, en un plazo máximo de 15 días, su conformidad o, en su caso, sus objeciones al importe.

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«(Reference for a preliminary ruling – Directive 93/13/EEC – Consumer contracts – Mortgage loans – Unfair terms – Article 4(2) – Article 6(1) – Declaration of invalidity – Limitation by the national court of the temporal effects of a declaration of invalidity of an unfair term)
REFERENCES for a preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU from the Juzgado de lo Mercantil n.o 1 de Granada (C-154/15), made by order of 25 March 2015, received at the Court on 1 April 2015, and from the Audiencia Provincial de Alicante (C-307/15 and C-308/15), made by orders of 15 June 2015, received at the Court on 1 July 2015, in the proceedings between.

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