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For its part, the ECB in its meeting last September 9 met expectations and kept its monetary policy unchanged: Director Rates 0.0%, Deposit -0.5% and Credit Marginal +0.25%; In addition, it announced the reduction in the pace of bond purchases of the Emergency Program (PEPP) in 4Q 2021 but maintained the total amount of the same (€1.85 trillion ) and the duration until at least March 2022. The APP Purchase program (in place since 2014) remained intact at €20 billion /month.
The ECB’s new macroeconomic forecasts are as follows: higher growth rate in 2021 to +5.0% (vs +4.6% previous), slight adjustment in 2022 (+4.6% vs +4.7% ant.) and unchanged in 2023 (+2.1%). Inflation was revised upward to +2.2% in 2021 (vs. +1.9% pre), +1.7% in 2022 (vs. +1.5% pre) and +1.5% in 2023 (vs. +1.4% pre).

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The upturn in January coincides with a period in which the entities had already foreseen in the survey of the European Central Bank (ECB) a hardening of the conditions in view of the difficulties that the restrictions to stop the coronavirus are provoking in the businesses.
In addition, it has been presented while the ICO credits are being renegotiated to extend their amortization and grace periods, although these extensions do not make it possible to increase prices in financing amounts of less than 800,000 euros.

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When it comes to taking out a loan, there are two main things to bear in mind: the Nominal Interest Rate (NIR), which is the price we pay for the money we borrow, and the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which includes commissions, the term of the operation and the NIR of the loan we want to take out. Next, we are going to know all the details of how both concepts affect a loan or mortgage.
The Nominal Interest Rate or NIR is the price we pay for a loan, that is to say, the money we have to pay the bank for the capital borrowed. The NIR is, therefore, a specific percentage of the total amount lent by a bank to establish the parameters of a financial operation such as a mortgage loan. In general, the NIR is calculated on a monthly basis. The NIR must be indicated in any contract for banking products such as deposits, loans, credits or mortgages, since it is the price we are paying for them, as explained in this content of Finance for Mortals.

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