Asociacion sin limites zaragoza

Spanish association for gifted children

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High abilities

The Amplía Sin Límites-UZ Program is aimed at students in the 3rd and 4th years of ESO and 1st and 2nd years of Bachillerato with high intellectual abilities and/or high academic performance, as well as those who, without presenting high academic performance or high intellectual abilities, show specific interests related to the topics that will be dealt with in the various sessions of the program.
Within the framework of this program, professors from the University of Zaragoza give talks and workshops at the University’s facilities at a level similar to that given to students of the University Degrees.
The 2017-2018 edition consists of five talks-workshops that will take place from January to May. The complete program, registration instructions and the application form can be downloaded from the following link

High capacity test

This situation has changed substantially since August 1, at least in Aragon. At last we have a reference of what is sought, of what it means to meet the needs of students with high intellectual abilities. These needs derive either from an «early acquisition of instrumental learning, or from cognitive aptitudes and abilities, general or specific, above what is expected in the student’s reference age group» (Art. 24 of the DECREE).
WHO can present this type of needs? Annex II point 4 of the ORDER establishes the conditions that «may» be at the origin of high abilities. And here appears another novelty. The traditional IQ criterion gives way to the identification of characteristic profiles of high ability: precociousness, simple and complex talents and giftedness. And we will also find references to high artistic abilities and high level athletes (Art 26 of the DECREE).
I will expand on these profiles in other posts, because this important change in the way of identifying potential (aptitude) and performance (competence) deserves it. I will only comment a few brushstrokes:

Asociacion sin limites zaragoza del momento

– Adequately select the most effective resources, methodologies and activities in the attention to students with high intellectual abilities, in order to include them in the daily dynamics of their classrooms. Examples of resources, methodologies and activities by curricular areas and interdisciplinary projects applicable to kindergarten, primary and compulsory secondary education will be provided. The product that participants will be asked to provide in order to evaluate whether the objective has been met is to provide other resources, methodologies and activities and to assess their suitability for application with the most able students. We will rely on the books and materials found in the library of the Asociación Aragonesa de Psicopedagogía, in the section of High Abilities, and on the resources that exist on the Internet, and the experiences described in the blogs and portals of the different educational centers.
– Adapt classroom dynamics to enrich the curriculum for all students, including the most able students. Based on Renzulli’s School Enrichment Model, dynamics that can be applied in schools will be proposed. The product that participants will be asked to produce in order to assess whether the objective has been achieved is to present a program adapted to the diversity of students in a classroom, which incorporates curricular enrichment for any student who demands it.

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